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Extender Chimes

Our chime extenders provide additional transmission range up to 100-400 feet, depending on the extender you choose. The chime extender is a unit that is activated when your existing chime sounds. There are two parts to the chime extender. The first unit is placed next to your existing chime. The second unit is placed anywhere from 100-400 feet away from the first unit, depending on the product you purchase.

We currently have 2 chime extenders and 1 add-on chime extender .

  1. Wireless/Plug In Chime Extender - up to 100 feet of additional transmission range
  2. Wireless Outdoor Chime Extender - up to 400 feet of additional transmission range
  3. Add-on Wireless/Plug In Chime Extender - to be purchased with one of the items above as an additional extender chime - up to 100 feet of additional transmission range

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